DIY Sewing – Christmas

How to make a DIY fabric advent calendar that your kids will love

Hi Creative Mamas! I am so excited to share with you a wonderful way to turn fabric scraps into an amazing DIY fabric advent calendar for this Christmas! If you have fabric scraps piling up from previous projects this is the perfect way to re purpose and up cycle all of those fabric left overs. Your kids will love this calendar! 

advent calendar
christmas advent calendar guide

Christmas Advent Calendar 5 Day Challenge Guide

This Christmas Advent Calendar PDF tutorial is presented as a challenge to be completed in 5 days. Follow the challenge timeline or go at your own pace!

Step by step instructions that will help you design and make your own advent calendar that your kids will love! Using fabric scraps and applique techniques this is the best way to get your kids excited about the upcoming holiday season!

  • Step by Step sewing instructions
  • Challenge Checklist
  • Challenge Plan
  • Printable Applique Patterns
  • Advent Calendar surprises schedule
  • Ideas for little kids crafts

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