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Hi Creative Mamas! I am super excited to share with you a few different ways for upcycling clothes through embroidery and mending. Check out my review of these 3 amazing online courses to upcycle clothes using embroidery and get a 10% PROMO discount.

Embroidery and mending are great techniques to use in combination with upcycling because they can truly add a lot of flair to your wardrobe and best of all they can extend the life of your garments.

I am always teaching my students different ways to upcycle, recycle and repurpose old fabrics and old clothes. You can make DIY tote bags, DIY pillows, handmade gifts, etc.

However, creating your own upcycled wardrobe is the best experience that you can have because you get to keep those well loved items and give them a new lease of life 🙂 And you can achieve this by learning simple embroidery and mending techniques.

Best online courses to upcycle clothes using embroidery

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My friends at Domestika have put together amazing beginners courses that teach you how to upcycle clothes through a variety of hand embroidery, beading and creative mending.

In this post I will review three online embroidery courses that I personally have taken and I am happy to recommend to my Creative Mama community. These are hands-on projects that you can make alongside the teachers.

Upcycling clothes with Domestika

These courses will show you three different ways to upcycle your clothes such as t-shits, sweatshirts, old woolen jerseys and socks. They will also make you re think the way you relate to your own clothes!

You will also learn lots of info about embroidery threads, hoops, stabilizers, embroidery needles etc. Domestika also does a great job of presenting the class information in handy downloadable PDFs which makes it easier to learn.

Hand embroidery on stretchy fabrics

1- Hand Embroidery for Clothing: Stitch a Collage Design

The first course I want to share with you is taught by Stefanija Pejchinovska, the creator of the label Damaja. She is originally from Macedonia and has been embroidering since she is a little girl.

She specializes in upcycling t shirts and sweatshirts and in the course she teaches how to create a unique design, transfer it onto a sweatshirt and embroider it by using beautiful embroidery stitches.

Stefanija works with embroidery hoops and she uses the outline stitch, back stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, filler stitches and french knots in her work.

I loved this course because it teaches people how to think about clothes in a loving and caring way. You will pick up lots of little tricks to make your fashion embroideries last longer and also you will learn about which are the most strategic places to embroider your designs.

My favorite parts of the course were:

  • Learning how to transfer and create a drawing on stretchy fabric
  • Thinking about design, drawings and embroidery stitches

Check out this Domestika course here!

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Hand embroidery and mending

2-Visible Mending: Colorful Knitwear Repair

Ellen Saville is the co-founder and creative director of The Endery, a brand devoted to creating handcrafted knitwear in Lima, Peru, made from leftover yarn.

She believes in developing our own mending style and she advocates for deep and meaningful relationships with our clothes.

In this course, Ellen teaches how to mend your knitwear from scratch and develop your own colorful mending style to upcycle your favorite pieces.

I loved learning the differences between rips, frays, and holes. Ellen clearly teaches you how to make a basic mending stitch and shows you how to get the right tension, so you feel confident tackling most mends!

My favorite parts of the course were:

  • Learning how to mend woolen socks in a creative way (loved the contrasting colors)
  • Learning Swiss darning or duplicate stitch

Check out this Domestika course here!

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Upcycle with hand embroidery

3-Upcycling with Embroidery

Embroidery artist Kseniia Guseva combines upcycling and embroidery with the intention to give a new and fun life to old clothes. She stitches architectural patterns to create innovative and unique designs.

In this course, Kseniia teaches you basic embroidery techniques to upcycle your clothes or sneakers. She is great at explaining the different materials that she uses and also explains how to get the right tension when working on an embroidery hoop.

I liked her class because she finds inspiration in her travels and she has a clever way to transfer her photos onto the fabric.

My favorite parts of the course were:

  • Transferring technique
  • Her use of color

Check out this Domestika course here!

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I hope you have enjoyed these reviews and that you are now excited to start upcycling your own clothes.

Have fun embroidering to create a whole new wardrobe. It’s a great way to express yourself and your creativity through decorative artwork. The embroidered clothes become wearable fashion statements and will be a treasured item to keep for a long time!

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