DIY upcycle jewelry using recycled rubber

Hi Creative Mamas! I am so excited to show you a great way to make pieces of jewelry using recycled rubber.

You can upcycle jewelry in many creative ways, but the way and the process that Ronja Schipper applies in her jewelry brand re:purpose, is very innovative, very creative and also super sustainable!

In this post I want to introduce you to the creative process of Ronja Schipper and how she uses recycled bicycle inner tubes to make sustainable jewelry pieces.

Photo courtesy of and @lyzadie (Design Studio).

Over the last couple of years, Ronja has developed her “up-bi-cycled” jewellery range called “re:purpose”.

Her materials are discarded bicycle inner tubes which are lovingly cleaned, polished & enhanced with new findings.

Originally from Germany, Ronja is now based in New Zealand. Her practice is based around exploring different ways to make use of old and discarded items and transforming them into treasures to keep and to celebrate.

Her jewelry brand has been recognized by New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (as shown in the photo below), as well as sustainable organizations such as ECo Matters.

Musicians such as Tami Neilson and Reb Fountain and comedian Laura Daniel are amongst Ronja’s fans.

Re:purpose is well known for the feather earring collection. This is an extensive range of rubber feather earrings. I am lucky to own a pair 🙂

I also love the statement necklace pieces and pendant as well as the rings and key chains!

Courtesy of Ronja Schipper
Courtesy of Ronja Schipper
Courtesy of Ronja Schipper

I asked Ronja if she would kindly share her process with all the Creative Mamas in this community and she kindly said yes!

I love her DIY jewelry approach and the different ways in which she transforms trash into earrings, necklace pendants, bracelets…

Upcycle Jewelry Video Tutorial

Check out her DIY VIDEO Tutorial below to learn how you can also make your own upcycled jewelry out of recycled rubber!

This video tutorial was created by Ronja Schipper. To watch it with sound or to contact her directly please go to her instagram account!

Upcycle jewelry ideas

I hope this post has inspired you to create your own jewelry. Maybe it’s going through thrift stores and getting old rings to transform them… or looking at your old jewelry, old necklaces, old brooches and giving them a new life.

Maybe it’s looking through your old broken earring piece which needs fixing… or embellishing fashion accessories such as belts, socks, tote bags, flower brooches, with new materials.

It doesn’t have to be recycled rubber. Whatever materials you choose to work with, remember that the most important part of the process is to have fun, to have joy and to enjoy the process of upcycling, recycling and making!!!

Upcycling with eco printing

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