DIY fitted face mask for glasses – FREE PATTERN

Hi Creative Mamas! I am excited to share with you this new pattern and tutorial on how to make a great fitted face mask for glasses so that your glasses won’t fog when wearing a mask. This is a true no fog face mask and a real solution for people who need to wear a mask and are glasses wearers.

Best pattern for fitted face mask for glasses wearers

I was struggling to come up with a fitted face mask to make for one of my boys. He uses glasses and every time he wore a face mask his glasses would fog up. This was creating a bit of anxiety since its now compulsory to use face masks in public transport where we are.

Lucky for me, a lovely colleague of mine was having the same problem and she shared this pattern with me which is a great fitted face mask for glasses wearers.

I quickly made one up and I was so happy with the results that I had to share it with you all! So if you or anyone that you know wears glasses and needs to wear a mask this fitted face mask pattern and tutorial is for you!

Is the nose piece sewn separately?

No, the nose piece is part of the same piece of fabric. The fitted face mask pattern folds in such a way that the nose piece becomes apparent once you start sewing the fitted face mask.

What is a fitted face mask?

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A fitted face mask is a face mask which has been developed in a way to fit the nose are really comfortable and tightly. Without being uncomfortable a fitted face mask should avoid the glasses from fogging up. This can be quite tricky because we all have different nose shapes and sizes.

In this tutorial I will show you how to solve this problem by using a particular pattern and a nose wire. Armed with a sewing machine and some fabric scraps you can make these masks in no time!

Note: If you don’t have a sewing machine you can still make these masks by hand sewing a backstitch. Check out the guide to embroidery stitches here to learn how to sew a backstitch.

How to stop the glasses from fogging when using a face mask?

This is super easy. You just need to wear a face mask that wraps around your nose in a tight but comfortable way so that when you breathe the air doesn’t come up to your glasses.

What’s the difference between a regular fabric face mask and a fabric fitted face mask?

A regular fabric face mask will usually allow for a gap around the nose area. A fitted fabric face mask is fitted around the nose leaving no gaps between the nose and the mask.

Fabric face masks tutorials at La Creative Mama:

3 Awesome easy & quick DIY Face Masks Tutorials! . If you would like to make your face masks a little prettier you can use this Free Printable Embroidery Template for Face Masks and create cute little embroideries on your face masks 🙂 You can use this embroidery template to decorate any face mask.

You can have fun decorating you fabric masks by playing around with different creative sewing ideas.

embroidery template for face masks

Fabric Applique on a fabric fitted face masks

This is a super fun technique! You simply cut your applique template, transfer it into the fabric face mask piece and you can create your own unique mask. At the end of this post I show you exactly how to create a Christmas Fabric Face Mask using fabric applique templates. It’s super fun!

Fitted face mask Tutorial

Materials & Equipment:

You need a good working sewing machine

  • Fabric ( I have chosen a 100% cotton from my sewing stash) Make sure you wash the fabric before making the mask.
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Fitted face mask pattern (available in my free resource library — get the password for free by filling out the form below)
  • Aluminium strip nose wire (optional)

Great new option: elastic and aluminium strip bundle! 

Step 1

Choose your 100% cotton fabric. Prepare the elastic and the nose wire. Download and print the fitted face mask pattern.

Note: The fitted face mask mask pattern provided is for a size medium which works great for most kids 10 years up and most women. If you want to make one size up or one size down simple reduce or enlarge the fitted face mask pattern by 1/4 inch leaving the folded base as it is.

fitted face mask tutorial 1

Step 2

Fold the fabric so that you have a double layer. Place the patter at the edge of the folded fabric. You will be cutting the pattern on the fold.

fitted face mask tutorial 2

Cut around the pattern. The seam allowance is already included in the pattern.

fitted face mask tutorial 3

Cut the elastic pieces. For the medium size mask I used elastic pieces that measured 7 inches each.

fitted face mask tutorial 4

Note: When you cut the mask make sure to transfer all notches marked in the pattern 🙂 this will make life easier when sewing the mask!

Step 3

Place the elastic pieces in between the fabric and pin them in place. The position of the elastic is marked in the pattern with notches. Follow this guideline for a good fit.

fitted face mask tutorial 5

Sew around the mask using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Make sure you leave the gap open at one end as marked in the pattern. You need this gap to turn the mask inside out.

fitted face mask tutorial 6

Check out the gap on the lower left side in the illustration below.

fitted face mask tutorial 7

Step 4

Turn the mask inside out.

fitted face mask tutorial 8
fitted face mask tutorial 9

Press the mask with a hot steamy iron.

fitted face mask tutorial 10

Step 5

Grab the nose wire and place it in the middle of the folded edge of the mask, just to determine its placement.

fitted face mask tutorial 11

Once you are happy with the position you need to insert it inside the face mask.

fitted face mask tutorial 12

Sew a little casing for the nose wire to stay in place. This step is a bit tricky because you are doing it blindly. You wont be able to see the nose wire because its inside the mask. So, make sure its in place by feeling it with your hands.

fitted face mask tutorial 13

Once you are sure that the nose wire is place in the middle of the mask, pin it in place before going to the sewing machine.

fitted face mask tutorial 14

Start sewing a few stitches from the edge of the mask towards the inside and then pivot so that you sew a parallel line to the edge of the mask.

fitted face mask tutorial 15

fitted face mask tutorial 16

Step 6

Fold the upper edge as shown in illustration below. Pin in place.

fitted face mask tutorial 17

Sew the 2 sides and the top edge with a edge stitch. By doing this you will also be closing the gap that was previously open.

fitted face mask tutorial 18

Step 7

Go back to your pattern and check the notches placement for the lower edge pleats. Mark the pleats in place, pin them and sew them with an edge stitch.

fitted face mask tutorial 19

When you are sewing the pleats, make sure you go super slow because there will be sewing a few layers of fabric and you don’t want the machine to get jammed :).

fitted face mask tutorial 20

Fitted face mask completed!

fitted face mask tutorial 21

Download your FREE Pattern now and get started!

Now you know how to make a fitted face mask so that your glasses will not fog up again! Let’s have some fun creating fitted face masks that have fabric applique on them. I want to show you how you can easily adapt this fabric face mask for Christmas, Easter, Halloween (or any other theme) for your whole family!

How to make a Holiday Face Mask using fabric applique

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a Christmas face mask but you can apply the same method to any applique pattern.

For more fun face masks ideas check out the FREE Printable embroidered template for face masks tutorial and the Applique face mask tutorial.

To get started you need to print out the Printable Christmas Templates to use as your applique patterns (if your theme is Christmas). You can download the ones I am using for this tutorial by completing the form below!

When using fabric applique on a face mask we need to make sure that we are not using any synthetic fusing in the process. This would only impact negatively on the breathability quality of the mask. So we need to create fun applique motifs only using cotton applique pieces. Let me show you how to do it.

Gather your Christmas templates, your face mask pattern and your fabrics. I have chosen red and green to enhance the Christmas spirit that I want to create.

They are both 100% cotton and they have been pre washed. These fabrics are all fabric scraps from previous quilting projects.

christmas fabric face masks

Cut the templates. Make sure that the sizes match your pattern pieces. You don’t want the applique to be super big on your mask. Just play around with the templates.

printable christmas templates

Cut your mask pattern on the fold as described in the tutorial before.

Christmas fabric face mask tutorial

Using a transfer marker, transfer the template onto the fabric. You can use all sorts of fabric as the applique but always make sure that you go for 100% cotton.

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Use a couple of different applique fabrics to create more dynamic fun results.

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Cut the applique pieces using your fabric scissors.

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Pin the applique pieces on the mask.

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Pin them in place.

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Sew them with a sewing machine using a zig zag stitch.

applique sewing

Christmas fabric applique for face mask

Cut your elastic pieces. I have cut mine to measure 7 inches in length.

elastic for fabric face masks

Form this point onwards repeat the instructions from the fitted face mask tutorials from step 3 to step 7. I am including all the step by step photos below for your reference.

Check out the above tutorial for the detailed instructions.

Step 3: Pinning and sewing the fitted face mask

Place the elastic pieces.

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

Fold mask and pin in preparation for sewing.

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

Sew mask.

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

Turn mask inside out.

Step 4: Turn fitted face mas inside out

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

Press mask.

sewing a Christmas fitted face mask tutorial

Step 5: Insert nose wire into fitted face mask

Check placement for nose wire.

inserting nose wire into fitted face mask

Insert nose wire.

inserting nose wire into fitted face mask

Mark the casing with pins.

inserting nose wire into fitted face mask

Sew the casing for the nose wire.

inserting nose wire into fitted face mask

inserting nose wire into fitted face mask

Step 6: Finishing the fitted face mask

Fold the top of the mask.

sewing a fitted face mask

Sew the top of the mask.

sewing a fitted face mask

sewing a fitted face mask

Step 7: Finishing the fitted face mask

Now the face mask is almost finished you just need to sew those pleats in the middle bottom edge.

sewing a fitted face mask

Follow your pattern notches, mark the pleats and sew in place.

sewing a fitted face mask

My Fitted Christmas Face Masks with Applique

These are my finished face masks for Christmas. However, you can use any applique shape to transform any face mask, not just for Christmas 🙂 Go for it and have fun!!!!!

applique fitted face mask

Fitted face mask for glasses sewing tips and tricks

If you wish to include a filter pocket you can do so by leaving an opening on one of the sides. This will allow you to change the filter regularly through the opening.

Make sure to neaten the seams so that no raw edges are showing.

Fitted Face Mask created by Creative Mamas who are sewing experts!

I wanted to share this amazing picture of this awesome Creative Mama, Bibiana, who made this fitted face mask and looks amazing wearing it 🙂

Also check out the beautiful collection made by Gillian who created themed face masks for her entire family in a weekend!

Her children own a vineyard so she found fabric with wine and grapes. Her husband runs a music band and she plays mah jong so their masks represented that as well!

Want to remember this? Save this tutorial to your favorite Pinterest Board!

fitted face mask free pattern

More fabric face masks tutorials at La Creative Mama

Since the pandemic started I have been sharing different ways of making fabric face masks in all sizes for kids and adults.

It’s been amazing to see how people have used their sewing skills to make a difference to the people around them by donating and making lots of fabric face masks with nose wires, filter pockets, with ties, with elastic bands, etc. Here are some tutorial that you may find useful if you are looking for other ways to make your own DIY fabric face masks.

UPDATE 2021:

This FREE Fitted fabric face mask pattern has been the most popular of all the free patterns that I have shared in this blog so far.

I have received super nice emails from people sharing their joy for having found a face mask pattern that works while they wear glasses.

We have been in this pandemic for over 1 year now and there are lots of fabric face mask for sale everywhere. I still feel that making your own face masks is a lovely thing to do and a great way to have some fun during such gloomy times.

At the moment I am experimenting with combining DIY socks with the fabric face masks. In this way I can make a statement and have some fashion fun while still keeping safe and well.

Have a look at this super easy and fun DIY socks tutorial.

diy socks tutorial

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  1. Thanks so much for helping us glasses-wearers! But, I am confused about the pattern versus the picture shown. The picture makes it look like the nosefitting portion of the mask is folded or pleated and a bit separate from the main part of the mask. The pattern doesn’t seem to have anything unusual that would make that end result happen….???

    • Hi Terry, Thanks for reaching out. You are absolutely right and that’s what makes this mask so easy to cut and make. If you follow the steps in the tutorial (step 6) you will see that the top edge gets folded and that’s what creates the nose fitted part. You also need to add a nose wire as its shown as well. Hope this helps.

  2. Hi Victoria, I’ve a son who also wears glasses, so I’m very excited about your mask! I have a question about the measures, Shall I print the pattern as it is? It’s 24 cms long and 17 cms tall, Is this correct? Many thanks for your help!!

    • Hi Maria Angeles! Thanks for reaching out, the mask PDF is ready to be printed out in an regular A4 size paper and you can cut and use as it is 🙂 Please let me know how it goes! Cheers

      • Hi Victoria,
        Thank you for this easy pattern for us glasses folks. They work perfectly. I made my hubby’s a half inch bigger and it fits nicely. Can’t believe how quickly it comes together.

        All the best and hope you and your family keeps well.


  3. Hi Victoria! I’ve finally made the mask today and actually it’s a bit big for my son. Anyway, I’ve folded the sides and sewed them, and now it fits. Muchas gracias de nuevo! Un abrazo.

  4. Thank you!! This is hands down the fastest and best mask I’ve tried making so far to keep my glasses from fogging up! I appreciate your hard work in putting this together. Thank you!!

    • Hi Marilyn, you can download the free face mask pattern by completing the form provided just below the materials and equipment section.

  5. Hello. I like the look of the glass wearer’s mask!

    I have a question: Is the nose piece at the top or the bottom? The directions are a little ‘iffy’ to me. I’m ‘assuming’ the top but just wanted to ask.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Nancy, yes the nose wire goes at the top (on the folded edge), its a bit tricky to understand it until you make one and then it all makes sense 🙂


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