How to make pom pom animals {super fun}

Hi Creative Mamas! I am so thrilled to share with you this easy and quick kids craft. It’s the perfect craft to do with kids of different ages on a rainy day because every child will create their own version of this little pom pom animal (or pom pom critters)

You can download the FREE Printable template BY COMPLETING THE FORM BELOW to make it easier for the kids to cut the animal feet and ears and I have also included a step by step video tutorial for the kids to watch.

Pom pom animals instructions

To make these cute little pom pom critters you will need to make the pom poms. In this tutorial I show you the excat steps to make the perfect pom pom.

I share with you the secrets to making the perfect pom poms as well as the 2 different kinds of methods that I have been using over the years.

You will learn how to make yarn pom poms as well as fluffy pom poms using wool roving.

Pom pom animals tutorial

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Materials and equipment

Step 1

Make the pom poms and choose felted your fabric. Have fun combining the colors. For this tutorial I have chosen bright candy like colors because I wanted to make fun and happy little critters.

pom poms and felted fabric

Gather all your materials and place them on your working surface.

felt fabric, pom poms, and glue to make pom pom animals

Step 2

Using the Free Template, cut the feet and the ears on the felted fabric and place them by the pom pom.

Select a pair of eyes as well.

pom pom animal templates

Step 3

Glue one end of the animal’s feet by using a brush as shown in photo below.

glueing the feet to the pom pom animals

Glue them under the pom pom and press the pom pom firmly to the table to set the feet in place.

pom pom critters

Glue the eyes to the pom pom.

Glue the ears on top of the pom pom. Press them firmly to set them in place.

pom pom animals tutorial

Cut a little felt triangle and glue to pom pom. This is the animal’s nose 🙂

animal pom pom

We made 3 little critters representing each of my kids. Two male critter sand one little girl.

Here are the three little pom pom animals representing my quirky kids. It was a lot of fun to produce these and I hope that this tutorial inspires you to have as much fun with your kids as we did.

fun little pom pom critters tutorial

Pom pom animals Video Tutorial

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