How to make socks – FREE sock pattern

Hi Creative Mamas! I want t o share with you a super easy and fun way that will show you how to make your own socks! If you want to have fun and original looking socks this tutorial is for you!

Home made socks are the best gift to make for family members and friends. You can personalize them, use holiday colors and themed fabrics, the possibilities are endless.

All you need is a great way to make different size patterns, a good overlocker/serger and you will be on your way.

In this tutorial on how to make a pair of socks I will show you how easy it is to sew your own socks and I have uploaded a free PDF pattern instructions for you to download from my Resource Library.

You will be able to make the different pattern sizes to cater for everyone in the family 🙂

DIY socks tutorial

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What is the best material for socks?

The best material is jersey fabric. This means that the fabric has elasticity and bounce so that the feet will feel comfortable once inside the sock.

There are many different types of jersey fabric. You can get natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk or synthetic fibers such as polyester. You can perform a quick fabric burn test in order to know what kind of fiber you have.

What machines are used for sewing socks?

I recommend using an overlocker/serger machine. They are specially made to sew jersey and elastic fabrics and they will provide a professional and tidy finish.

How to sew socks – DIY socks Tutorial

Materials and Equipment

Download your FREE Sock Pattern

These templates will become your favourite sock sewing patterns!

Step 1: Cutting the DIY socks

Download and print the instructions to make the sock patterns. The instructions are based on your own foot size so the pattern will vary from person to person.

Choose your jersey fabric. Make sure that they fabric has enough bounce so that the socks fit nicely and comfortably.

Cut your pattern paper templates. You need to allow for seam allowance.

diy sewing your own socks tutorial

Place your pattern pieces on the fabric.

The fabric I chose had enough elasticity (bounce) on the grain but some other fabrics will need to be cut across the grain for best elasticity.

making your own socks on jersey printed fabric

Cut on the fold so that you end up with 2 pieces of cut fabric per pattern piece.

cutting the pattern pieces to make my own socks tutorial

Step 2: Sewing the socks

Pin the bottom Bottom pattern with the Back Top pattern right sides together. The dotted lines in the patterns are the notches so make sure that you mark these notches.

sewing the socks

Using an overlocker/serger machine, sew in between the notches.

sewing the socks using an overlocker machine

The socks should look like the photo below.

overlocked hand made socks

Place the sewn top back and bottom pieces and the top front on the working table side by side.

sewing my own diy socks

Place the sewn top back and bottom pieces on top of the front pieces right sides together. Pin together. They should fit perfectly.

sewing the top and bottom of the diy socks

Sew them together and turn them inside out.

Step 3: Finishing the DIY socks

Cut the top band.

diy socks tutorial

Sew the vertical edges of the band together, right sides touching. Turn them inside out.

Place the band by the socks. Mark the middle of the band with a pin.

sewing the top band to the diy socks

Pin the band to the socks by placing the band seam on the middle of the back of the sock.

When you are sewing the band to the sock make sure that you stretch it evenly.

Voila, the socks are finished!

diy socks tutorial

I love using my socks and they have proven very popular among my friends as well. It’s been a great way to use jersey left over fabric which is always a great thing!

diy how to make a sock tutorial free pattern
how to sew your own socks

I love combining my funky socks with my favorite shoes 🙂

using my hand made diy socks

Are you keen to make your own pair? Please reach out should you have any questions.

You can get super creative with different stretchy knit fabrics in different colors. Also you can add some fun details to the top edge of the socks!

You can also dye your own jersey silk fabric and make some naturally dyed socks. It’s great to tea dye the silk first and then sew it. I will be making a tutorial on it soon 🙂

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