Natural Dyeing Guide

How to dye fabric and yarn using natural dyes in 8 easy steps

Find out my foolproof method to create bright and long lasting colors from natural dyes– it works every time…

My natural dyeing practice started with lots of failed attempts and many “meh” not impressive results (lots of beige and browns that would wash away after the second wash).

I found myself trying to understand chemical reactions, fiber compositions, the difference between acid dyes and natural dyes, mordants… it was all too confusing for me.

I got frustrated many times after trying long processes only to get very pale and unsatisfying color results.

The good news is that after so many failed attempts, I discovered a simple formula:

Specific dyes + specific process = BEAUTIFUL BRIGHT & LASTING COLOR

Discover the 8 steps you need to take to obtain beautifully dyed fabric and yarn every time and SAVE you lots of poor quality results and frustration.


The Natural Dyeing Guide

The Ultimate Beginners Guide to dyeing fabric and yarn in 8 easy steps

This guide will teach you…

La Creative Mama Natural dyeing Method

The 8 steps you need to follow to create bright and lasting color every time

for silk, wool, cotton and linen

More than 40 pages with so much goodness inside:

  • La Creative Mama Natural dyeing Method
  • Fibers & dyes
  • Materials & equipment
  • How to prepare fabric and yarn
  • How to dye fabric & yarn with onion skins
  • How to dye fabric and yarn with avocado skins and pits
  • Frequently asked questions and sooo much more…

PLUS you’ll also get this amazing VIDEO bonus


($17 Value)

A step by step video of each of the 8 steps in the natural dyeing process. Discover how you can also grow and harvest your own plant dyes in your own backyard!

I run an exclusive preview of this natural dyeing masterclass and this is what my students said:

This is what other Creative Mamas are saying about the Natural Dyeing Guide

Thanks Victoria for this helpful tool. I now understand why my results using avocados have been so disappointing. I was not doing 2 of the steps and I was using the wrong mordant. Thanks for bringing light into my practice. I feel very inspired to keep dyeing with natural dyes” (Amanda)

This guide is the next best thing to going to one of Victoria’s live natural dyeing classes. It’s super clear to understand and an excellent way for me to not forget any of the things I need to do when using natural dyes.” (Paula)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I learn how to dye different types of fabrics and yarns?

Yes! The guide will teach you how to naturally dye wool, silk, cotton and linen. These are protein fibers and cellulose fibers.

Will I get any future updates to this guide? 

Absolutely! This guide will evolve with time. If there are any updates you will receive an email inviting you to download the new updated version.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is for anyone who wants to learn how to dye fabric and yarn using natural dyes. It’s a beginners guide which means it was written for people who have never used natural dyes before or people who have tried natural dyes before but didn’t get satisfying results.

What makes this guide different to the posts on the blog?

Some of the information inside this guide is a summary of many different posts inside La Creative Mama blog. The information has been carefully curated and it’s organized in an easy format for you to follow.

This guide is a downloadable PDF which means that you can download it straight away and you can print it out for your reference when you are ready to start dyeing your fibers.

Can I print these PDFs in my home printer?

Absolutely! You can either use your home printer or take them to the print shop and have them printed in color.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the product (digital download), all pdf sales are final and there are no refunds.