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Create amazing sewing crafts with Applique and Embroidery Patterns, even if you are a complete beginner

Do you want to make creative fabric crafts, pillows and mini quilts but don’t know where to start?

Getting started with a creative project can be quite daunting and sometimes it’s totally frustrating.

You can have the best ideas in the world but it’s hard to combine the templates, the fabrics, the patterns… and you end up giving up.

But making beautiful pillows and mini quilts can be easier than you think by using these unique applique templates. These Printable Applique Patterns make it super easy. Just print, cut, sew and voila!

applique sewing binder la creative mama

18 Printable Patterns Plus Kids Bonus 

These Printable Patterns are amazing. I spent such a lovely afternoon with my granddaughter teaching her how to do applique and we created an amazing pillow for her bedroom. She was so happy. I can’t wait to share these patterns with my other granddaughters! Thanks Victoria.

Ada Micono, Creative Mama of three and Grandma of nine

For busy mamas and grandmas who want to make fun and unique pillows and mini quilts

You can use your Applique patterns using the needle turn applique technique or by using adhesible fusing and quilting on top


The Applique Patterns are a great way to use all those fabric scraps from old projects!

From fabric scraps into a beautiful pillow ?

Use these Printable Applique Patterns to get you started in your favorite sewing crafts.
Use them for Applique, Embroidery, Quilting, Patchwork or Fabric Collage.
Create amazing personalized stories for you and your family.

One Time Offer 40% off

The Applique Sewing  Binder

  • 18 Applique Sewing Printable Patterns
  • Step by step instructions Printable PDF
  • Project Checklist
  • Kids Craft Bonus (Project and instructions)
  • Bonus: Pillow Pattern and sewing instructions Printable PDF
  • Bonus: Stitches Guide Printable

$9 $17

applique sewing binder la creative mama

Frequently Asked Questions:

What size paper should I print the Applique Patterns on?

You can choose to print in the size that fits your project. If you are making a regular size pillow you can simply print on A4 paper. However, if you are planning a bigger project you can enlarge the print size to A3 or larger.

Can I print these Applique Patterns in my home printer?

Absolutely! You can either use your home printer or take them to the print shop and have them printed in color.

How many designs will I get?

You will get 18 Applique Patterns and instructions on how to use them, a pillow pattern that comes with sewing instructions, a project checklist to keep track of your special Applique project, a stitches guide and a bonus kids section that shows how kids can also use these patterns in a  creative way. 

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the nature of the product (digital download), all pdf sales are final and there are no refunds.