How to sew a quilt as you go block with wonky sashing

Hi Creative Mamas! I am so excited to share with you how to sew a quilt as you go block with wonky sashing. Quilt as you go is my preferred method for quilting. It’s quick, it’s easy and by the time I am done with all my blocks I don’t need to face the whole batting process. When I started quilting I had three little kids at home and I just couldn’t face dealing with big pieces of fabric. When I discovered the quilt as you go method it made it easy for me to make my quilts.

Nowadays my kids are older but I still have a full house and my workroom needs to host all my quilting, embroidery, applique and natural dying projects and supplies. So, even now quilt as you go is still my go to quilting technique and I love it! I also like to get creative with the technique itself so I have been experimenting with creative ways to incorporate sashing straight into my blocks.

In this post I will show you how to sew a quilt as you go block with wonky sashing so that when you are finished with the blocks you can just sew them together and voila , you are done!!!!! The block itself can be any size you want and can also be transformed into a great pillow cover! It can also be embellished further by playing around with different creative sewing crafts methods and techniques.

I am using fabric scraps so I have decided to use the log cabin block design since its great to make using scraps of fabrics cut into strips 🙂

What is Quilt as you go?

Quilt as you go is a quilting technique which allows you to build your block straight onto the batting and quilt as you are piecing on the go. It’s great because the batting is dealt with from the get go and you don’t have to face a big piece of fabric which needs to be placed on top of the batting and the back piece. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.

Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial

For this tutorial I have used my scraps from my natural dyed silk. Quilting silk is extremely satisfying because its a natural fiber and you can treat it as cotton. You can iron it at hot temperatures just like cotton and you can place it on top of your cotton batting and it will sew beautifully.

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Material and Sewing Equipment

Step 1:

Choose your fabrics and your color palette. If you are using silks make sure they are similar weight. It’s better to use heavier silks like silk satins or heavy weight silks in different types of weave. The reason for this is that we will be using the log cabin shape design and there will be a lot of seams. If you use light silks the seams will show and it ruins the effect of your lovely quilt.

Natural Dyeing Note: Thees colors were obtained from naturally dyeing with Logwood, Eucalyptus and Cochineal. The center printed leaf was created using ECO PRINT by printing avocado leaves on silk

natural dyeing silk

Step 2:

Cut a 11 inches by 15 inches rectangle in 100% cotton batting. Mark a 9 inches by 13 inches aprox. rectangle inside the rectangle batting. Make sure the inside rectangle is wonky, this is the creative effect we are after! This will be the area where you will build the log cabin design.

quilt as you go

Step 3:

This tutorial is based on the log cabin block design because its a great way to use strips of fabric scraps.

Download you Free Log Cabin Block Pattern and Sewing Sequence plus get access to my Resource Library


Choose your center piece of fabric. I have chosen a beautiful silk which was eco printed with leaves. Place the fabric piece in the middle of the rectangle. Place a strip of fabric next to it.

eco print
quilt as you go

Step 4:

Cut the strip so that it matches the central piece in length. Pin right sides together and sew straight on your batting.

Step 5:

Flip the strip to the right side. Press and run a quilting stitch on the strip. You can quilt the center piece as well. In this case I didn’t because wanted to keep the leaf intact 🙂 Be sure to finish the quilting stitch beyond the pieces of fabric.

Step 6:

Repeat this process moving clockwise or anti clockwise (you need to decide at the beginning) around the center piece of fabric. Add the third strip of fabric matching the length of the previous pieces, press and quilt as you go (always in the middle of the log).

Step 7:

Keep going around the center piece moving towards those marked lines 🙂

Step 8:

Once you have reached the limits of the wonky rectangle the quilt block will look like this on the right side and on the wrong side.

Cut wider strips of fabric and sew them following the wonky rectangle lines. Press.

Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial
Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial
Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial
Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial
Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing Tutorial

The Result of the Quilt as you go block with wonky sashing!

This is the final result of this beautiful block created by combining naturally dyed silk with quilt as you go quilting/ log cabin design block and a wonky sashing.

Next steps: If you are making a big quilt you can repeat this block as many times as you need until you reach the number of blocks you need for your quilt. you can simply make this block into a pillow or you can put it inside a frame and hang it as wall art. I still haven’t decided what to do with mine 🙂

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