Work with me

La Creative Mama is the go to place to find inspiration and motivation with all things DIY fabric related!

I am super passionate about good quality fabric crafts, natural dyeing and good old fashion creative sewing 🙂 I have been an educator most of my life so I specialize in breaking down the steps for any creative project that comes my way 🙂 and teaching my students how to produce high quality crafts.

I choose to work sustainably which means minimizing fabric waste, repurposing materials and upcycling fabric and fashion items. The results are always surprising and amazing.

I am based in New Zealand, which means that I am part of an amazing community of forward thinkers in terms of sustainable crafts and creative new ways. However, my readership is mainly from USA and the rest of my audience is from United Kingdom, Canada, Australia (mostly women from all ages).

I work in close collaboration with BERNINA and I am an avid contributor to their sewing blog in Switzerland. I thrive in connecting with people through crafts and creative processes 🙂

Collaboration opportunities

If you are as passionate about sustainable good quality products and would like to get in touch with me you can reach me on instagram

La Creative Mama is growing and we are always open to collaborate with exciting and innovative companies that help us be creative in sustainable ways!

You can also reach me on Facebook / Instagram/ Pinterest