Materials and Equipment list

We have prepared this page to make it super easy for you to find the materials and equipment that you need for the 3-DAY NATURAL DYEING TRAINING.

If you are like me and you enjoy good quality wooden props as part of your craft practice you will love the Ashford skeiner. I got it as a birthday gift a few years ago and it’s one of those things that I use all the time to make my skeins before dyeing but it also gives me such joy to use!

Australia and New Zealand

If you are in Australia you will love shopping here for all your natural dyeing supplies. They are super friendly and very helpful and you can call them with any doubts and they are always keen to help!

If you are in New Zealand you can get your supplies here. Also you can get the Alum Sulphate from garden centers such as Palmers and Kings Plants Barn, its sold as food for the hydrangeas and it works great! You will also be able to buy the iron powder from them as well!

Any questions feel free to email me and ask!