Hey Mama, want to  have lots of fun with creative sewing and natural dyes?

Let’s get creative with upcycling fabric scraps and making natural color!


I am Victoria Martinez Azaro AKA, La creative mama, fashion designer, educator, natural dyer, writer, illustrator and creative all around 🙂

I want to share with you a wonderful way to get creative, tell your story, express yourself and have fun through creative sewing and natural dyeing. 

Get started by exploring different sewing crafts and natural dyeing techniques

natural dyeing

Natural Dyeing

Dyeing Fabric

Dyeing Yarn

fabric collage, sewing crafts

Sewing Crafts

Fabric books

Fabric Collage



fabric face masks

Fabric Face masks

Tutorials to get you started! Create your own color & make unique fabric crafts!

natural dyeing guide

The ultimate guide to natural dyeing

natural dyes

Beginner’s Guide to Natural Dyes

bundle dyeing

Natural Bundle Dyeing, make your own DIY scarf

quilted pillow tutorial for girls

How to sew a quilted pillow cover for girls

quiet book

How to make a quiet book (Free Patterns)

fabric book

How to make a fabric book using upcycled baby clothes

fitted face mask

How to make a fitted face mask

How to make a fabric face mask – all sizes