Want to get creative with natural dyes, eco printing, upcycling fashion and creative sewing?

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I am Victoria Martinez Azaro. I created LA CREATIVE MAMA as a crafty home for all my crafty talented friends who want to get inspired and creative with DIY sewing projects, upcycled fabric crafts, natural dyeing, eco printing and of course my favorite: DIY FASHION!

At La Creative Mama we share detailed step by step tutorials so that you can follow along and achieve amazing results, no matter if you are doing these projects for the first time!?

I share my passion for sustainability in every post that I write in the blog. Upcycling, recycling and repurposing is the final goal but there are many different ways to achieve this through fabric crafts.

Get started by exploring natural dyeing, eco printing, upcycling fashion and creative sewing tutorials.

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