Check out the amazing work of La Creative Mama students

In this page I want to feature some of the lovely Creative Mamas who are students at La Creative Mama Academy. They have created beautiful sustainable work using natural dyeing and eco printing techniques and are making products to sell, gifts for their loved ones and best of all having a joyful and creative experience by working with natural and sustainable practices!

Introducing Bonnie

Bonnie is an amazing talented natural dyer and the owner of Good Karma Fibers who is based in Virginia. She sells her beautifully naturally dyed yarn exclusively at The stitch witch, and also participates in fiber craft fairs.

Bonnie loves dyeing using natural dyes such as coffee, madder, logwood, kamala and marigolds amongst others. She extends her color palette by modifying the colors further and as you can see in the photos below, she does create a beautiful natural color palette which is diverse and exciting!

Introducing Taofi

Taofi is a gifted eco printer and sustainable crafter and she sells her work at the local markets and shops around the historic town of Maldon Victoria, in Australia. Her eco printed work is based on printing with local leaves and flowers on new fabrics as well as on upcycled garments.

She loves printing on pure silks and wools and she has developed her own unique style which has become super popular with customers!

You can find her selling her sustainable textile work at her stall at Maldon Market as well as in Castlemaine Artists Market.

Introducing Barbara

Barbara loves working with large pieces of silk. Her technique involves eco printing using botanicals as well as natural dyes to create a beautiful colorful results.

Her work is featured at an Art Gallery in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. You can see more of Barbara’s work on her website or visit her insta page.

Introducing Josephine

Josephine is a super talented grandma who dived into the eco printing fun and has been experimenting with different fabrics and techniques.

The photo below shows her beautiful results from printing using ferns and eucalyptus leaves. The grandkids are having fun too!

Introducing Tina

Tina shares her love for natural dyeing and eco printing with her family and friends. She is the queen of eco printed handbags, pillows and scarves and sells her creations locally.

A former music teacher, she is now inspiring others by sharing her beautiful eco printed designs! I adore her handbags and her printed silk scarves are amazing!

Introducing Ada

Ada is third generation knitter and crochet artist. Since discovering natural dyeing, she has been creating her own natural color palette to use in her creative projects (she is a grandma of 9 so she always has something on the go).

She is even experimenting with dyeing roving for her felting projects! I love her bright colors!!!

Ada has also gone through The eco Printing on Fabric Course and she has been creating these amazing cotton tea towels to gift to friends and family.

Introducing Denise & Marion

Denisse and Marion love having fun printing silk scarves. These lovely friends are partners in crime when it comes to Eco Printing on fabrics and they use a variety of flowers from Marion’s backyard!

Introducing Julie

Julie has been experimenting with eco dyeing for a few months and she has produced a beautiful body of work called “Echo Forest Collection”.

She mostly works with recycled cotton clothing as well as sewing her own items herself. Currently learning about dyeing with Indigo, working with silk and getting better leaf prints when steaming garments.

I absolutely love her approach to upcycling and transforming old items of clothing! She sells her beautiful creations on her Etsy shop, you can find her work here.

Introducing Valerie

Valerie is part of a coop called “Handmade” which is based in Labrador, Canada. She works in collaboration with other Creative Mamas in a large studio and they produce handmade gifts using plants and natural materials that grow around their area.

They sell their products to tourists at historic sites during the summer months so if you are in the area look out for their beautiful product collection 🙂 Those color scarves she makes are just gorgeous!

Introducing Sharon

Sharon is a creative mama extraordinaire! She loves eco printing and dyeing on new and old fabrics as her starting point. then she creates the most amazing garments for both adults and children!

I love this particular dress that she made out of 100% linen fabric and it was one of the first fabrics she ever printed after taking the Eco Printing course.

Introducing Patricia

Patricia is a creative and inspiring natural dyer. She creates her own natural colors for her wool yarns and utilizes them in beautiful one of a kind tapestries.

She is getting really creative by applying the basic techniques taught in the resources and adding her own flair and creativity to them. I love her work!

Introducing Alison

Alison uses natural dyeing and eco printing techniques to create works of art which get exhibited in art gallery spaces.

She finds inspiration in her own story, her own family experiences and creates heart warming pieces using antique cloth which she has kept from her Yiayia (Grandmother’s) from Cyprus.

She makes her own garments and sometimes her own mother works with her as well. I always get goosebumps when I see her work

Introducing Vanessa

Vanessa is a young mom who discovered the versatile craft of eco printing.

She prints lots of her babies’ clothes specially when they get yellowish after many uses. She is currently making gifts for her friend’s babies and she is gaining a reputation for being a crafty and popular mom!

Introducing Sassy

Sassy is a star experimenter! She loves to try different prints on different materials and I always love seeing her samples!

She turns her printed fabrics into beautiful tote bags which I hear they are always very well received.

Introducing Sale

Sale has been making these beautiful hats for her son’s cats using naturally dyed yarn which was dyed with madder root! We had to share these little furies! Aren’t they adorable?

Introducing Kathy

Kathy is a star experimenter and after going through the eco printing course she is achieving great results on cotton and she has branched into silks with equal success.

Can’t wait to see what Kathy does next with her eco printing skills!