Get kids crafting with easy pom pom paper mache letters

Hi Creative Mamas! I am excited to share this great kids craft tutorial with you all. Making pom pom paper mache letters has proven to be so much fun for my daughter and her little friends. We literally can’t have enough pom poms or enough paper mache letters in stock for them to craft with.

I think it’s the tactile nature of the felt pom poms that they like but also all the glue that is involved in the process. The other great thing about making pom pom paper mache letters is that is a great way for kids to decorate their rooms.

Have fun with your kids making their whole paper mache name or just the first letter. They can also choose their own color palette. This tutorial is lots of fun!

Paper mache letter video tutorial

Here is a quick little video that shows you the process but make sure that you go through the tutorial steps below to get all detailed instructions 🙂

For this tutorial I have chosen the letter R because it’s the first letter in my daughter’s name. We also chose girlie color pom poms as you can see in the photo above but there are a lot of different colors to choose from. You could even make it all one color and play with different tones variations on that color. The sky is the limit with these paper mache letters 🙂

How to decorate paper mache letters with pom poms tutorial

Materials and Equipment

Step 1: Getting the pom poms ready

Gather all the materials. As you can see we chose different sizes of pom poms and my daughter decided she wanted accents of bright pink and yellows so we got a couple xtra bags of mini pom poms in those colors.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 1

Place all the materials on your working surface. I highly recommend that you use a piece of paper or plastic to protect your working table (talking from experience here)

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 2

Step 2: Painting the base of your paper mache letter

Cover the whole paper mache letter with the white acrylic paint. The idea is to have a white base to work with before we even start applying the color pom poms.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 3

Note: If you rather have the craft color instead of the plain white background color simply skip this step 🙂 My daughter designed her letter to match her room so we went with the white option.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 6

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 7

Step 3: Glueing the pom poms

In this step we are going to start gluing the pom poms. You can dip one side of the pom poms in the glue and then place it on the paper mache letter.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 7

You can also use a paint brush and apply the glue to the letter first with the brush and then place the pom pom on top of the glued area. Whatever the kids find easier!

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 8

Let the kids have fun combining the pom poms.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 9

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 10

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 11

When you child is happy with the way the paper mache letter looks then the letter is done! Place it in a place away from the kids so that the glue can dry overnight.

pom pom paper mache letter tutorial 12

Pom pom paper mache letter wall art

The great thing about these letters is that they are super light. You can hang them in your kids’ rooms without damaging any walls. Here is my daughter’s letter in the blackboard wall. She keeps changing it around.

pom pom paper mache letter kids room decoration

Here is the same letter hanging from her pink wall. Note that the difference is color background makes the pom poms look differently. I think that’s why she keeps changing the letter around her room.

pom pom paper mache letter kids room decoration

I hope you have enjoyed this super simple and easy way to get your kids crafting and also to get your kids involved in decorating their own room! Below is my daughter’s letter on top of her desk (her favorite spot).

pom pom paper mache letters

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