How to entertain kids at home

Hi Creative Mamas, aunties, grandmas, big sisters! When you are looking for easy crafts for kids to do this is it! A fabric hedgehog made out of fabric scraps and yarn. So much fun to make and so easy too! Great for an afternoon indoors. This fabric hedgehog will make your kids smile and they will treasure it for years to come.  Making fabric crafts is the best way to keep kids entertained. Also, unlike paper crafts, they will get to keep their creations for years to come.

fabric hedgehog

Easy crafts to do at home with kids

Getting your kids into fabric crafts is an inexpensive way to teach them motor skills, basic sewing skills and to foster creativity. Getting them to make their own soft toy or to make a handmade gift from the heart is a wonderful way for them to show love and express friendship. A toy made by hand is a toy that says I love you 🙂

Fabric Hedgehog Tutorial




Step 1:

Download the Free Hedgehog Pattern.   Cut around the hedgehog body shape. For this tutorial I have used the smaller hedgehog pattern shape :). Pin the pattern piece to your fabric and  cut around it. Cut two pieces. Prepare your pom pom. 

fabric hedgehog

Step 2:

Thread one of the pom pom ties to a needle. Insert through the middle of your hedgehog body. Pull the thread tight to the underside of the hedgehog. Repeat with the other pom pom tie. Once you have poked both pom pom ties to the underside make sure you tie the two threads with a double knot. Trim the excess thread. Thread the needle with a contrasting color and and make two small straight stitches for the eyes. Leave the thread and the needle ready to sew around the hedgehog body.

Step 3:

Place the hedgehog underside piece under the top piece as shown in illustration below. With the threaded needle start making little stitches through the two layers of fabrics. A slipstitch is the best stitch for this. Once you have sewn around 2/3 of the hedgehog it’s time to insert the polyfill into the hedgehog body. Once the little animal is filled carry on with the slipstitch until the edges are fully closed.

Step 4: Kids Craft Hedgehog final touch!

Sew a button to your hedgehog’s nose. Make sure you know how to sew a button properly 🙂 Read “How to sew a button the easy way” here.

Voila! This is Mr Hedgehog and you can make it as big or as small as you wish! You can add one or two pom poms and you can make different pom pom sizes as well!



  Download the Free Hedgehog Pattern now!

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