What is Eco Printing?

Eco Printing is the process of transferring the color of leaves, flowers and rusty elements into a piece of fabric or paper. It’s a part of the natural dyeing practices which are sustainable and eco friendly for humans and for the environment. As a mom Eco Printing has become a go to activity during the holiday times. We collect leaves and flowers, whatever is in season and we bring them home. Because you never know what you are going to get its quite an exciting activity for the kids. Everyone will get totally different results and most times very unexpected ones 🙂

eco print

Eco Printing on paper with leaves and flowers

As a mom I take every opportunity I can to collect leaves and flowers when we are out and about with the kids. We now have a little puppy so we are going for walks in the park too. There are always leaves and beautiful colored flowers that have fallen on the ground so I try to take advantage of these moments and collect as much as I can. I also use flowers and leaves from my garden such as geraniums, dyers chamomiles, avocado leaves, rosemary, mint and eucalyptus.

Eco Printing on paper with rusty nails

Eco Printing with rusty nails is super fun. Just remember to wear gloves for safety so that you are not touching the rust too much. I love collecting rusty nails but you can also include rusty lids from beer cans, sewing pins, demolition materials such as ruty springs, tools etc. Anything rusty goes!

eco print

What materials do we need to Eco Print on paper?

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These are the materials you will need to get started:

Eco Print on paper step by step tutorial

Word of warning: Anything that you use for Eco Printing should not be used for cooking!!!!!!

Step 1:

Cut your paper into the desired measurements. For this example I have done a couple of sheets of A5 final size, so my original size was A4 piece of paper which got folded in the printing process.

Step 2:

Prepare a solution of water and Allum powder. For best results I use 10 cups of water and 1 full teaspoon of allum powder but you may need to follow manufacturers instructions. Make sure Allum is well dissolved and place watercolor paper in it. Leave it soaking overnight (or at least for 2 hours).

Step 3:

Remove paper from Allum solution. Fold in half to create a halfway crease. Place flowers, leaves or rusty nails on one half of the paper and fold the other half pressing firmly so that the plant material or nails are not moving. Press tightly. Wrap your folded paper with a piece of muslin fabric. Wrap it as a present and tie with your string. Tie it really tightly! Repeat the process with as many pieces of paper as you may have. You can include two folded pieces of paper in each little parcel.

Step 4:

Prepare your steaming or boiling pot by pouring water into the pot and bringing it to a simmer. You can decide if you want to steam or boil. I prefer steaming so I will normally use a steamer from the kitchen store. You need to steam for two hours. After two hours, remove from the steaming pot and let it cool. Once you are confident that you wont get burnt fingers untie the little parcel and surprise!

Try it with the kids it an amazing fun activity to do and you can use the eco printed paper as cards for gifts 🙂

eco print

flower print

iron print


So please reach out and send me some pics of how your printed paper has turned out! Would love to check it out and include it in the blog!

To take your Eco Printing to the next level. Download the Free Solar Dyeing Video Tutorial and you can combine it with eco Printing for amazing Results!!!!!!!



Victoria’s video tutorial on Eco dyeing is a real gem! The step by step instructions on how to dye your own fabrics using flowers, leaves and vegies was an eye opener on what you can do creatively and simply with items that are around the house.
Liz Brown, Creative mama of twins