Easy & Quick DIY Face Masks Tutorials

Hi Creative Mamas! Over the last few months I have been answering lots and lots of questions in regards to face masks. Friends, family and colleagues want easy and quick DIY face mask tutorials, they also want to know which is the best pattern to use when making a DIY face mask, what is the best DIY face mask for kids and which is the quickest way to make a face mask.

My DIY face masks tutorials have been designed to answer all the questions that I got, (they have been updated month after month). My initial focus was on making face masks with materials that we would have at home, either fabric scraps from sewing projects or recycling old shirts and linen.

As time goes on and the pandemic continues I have been thinking about using other techniques such as natural dyeing and tie dyeing. At the end of this post I show you how to make an organic face mask.

Over these past months I have made different tutorials to target these problems with making and using face masks:

  • face mask easy to make with materials we have at home
  • fitted face masks easy to wear for people who use glasses (anti fog masks)
  • face masks that are one size fits all
  • color coded face masks for easy kids wearing

Want to get the sewing tutorial PDF for 3 different face masks? Click here!

fabric face masks sewing tutorials

Embroider your face mask

If you want to add a little something special and unique to you face mask you can try a little embroidery detail on one side. Check out this really cool tutorial and Free Printable Embroidery Template for Face Masks.

embroidery template for face masks

Easy and quick fabric face masks tutorials – Free Patterns and Free PDF Sewing Instructions

All the tutorials have free resources for you to make amazing face masks. I keep all my free patterns and printables on the FREE Resource Library.

1st Super Easy and Quick DIY Face Mask Tutorial:

DIY fabric face mask using materials you have at home

DIY fabric face masks three sizes free patterns

The first tutorial is all about making a DIY fabric face mask using materials you have at home. It was at the beginning of the lock down and I was getting very concerned with the fact that my daughter finds medical face masks particularly scary and was refusing to wear them. So, in this tutorial I show you step by step how to make a fabric face mask that won’t be scary for your kids and that is super easy to make. It comes with free patterns in all sized for the whole family and there are extensive instructions in the post.

2nd Super Easy and Quick DIY Face Mask Tutorial:

How To Make The Best Fabric Face Mask For Your Kids

After  experimenting with making my own fabric masks for my kids in fabrics that are fun and also not scary to them, I realized that we needed some sort of system to keep track of the used face masks. I published this post that explained how to make the best fabric face mask for your kids. I was getting concerned with the fact that the same mask was being used twice and not being washed straight after coming back from an outing. So,  I came up with a color coded system that would help us differentiate each mask and help us identify which mask was supposed to be used for different days of the week or different outings ?. Armed with my amazing sewing machine and materials that I had at home I was able to protect my family and provide lots of masks for people that needed them.

DIY Fabric face masks for kids Free Patterns

3rd Super Easy and Quick DIY Face Mask Tutorial:

How to make a fabric face mask in ten minutes

A lot of my readers from La Creative Mama community have reached out because they didn’t have a printer at home so they couldn’t print out the free pattern that I provided with the previous mask tutorials. Also, a lot of my readers have been sewing non stop to make face masks not only for their families but also to donate to people who need them and they don’t know how to sew. So, in this post I show you how to make a fabric mask in ten minutes without any patterns to print. Hopefully this mask will speed up the making process and it will be as easy and as non scary for kids as the previous mask tutorials ?. There are Printable PDF instructions as well to download for free.

DIY fabric face mask

Fitted Face mask for glasses

How to make a great fitted face mask for glasses

I have also developed this super quick and easy tutorial and FREE Pattern for you to make a fitted face mask in case you or your kids wear glasses. There are a couple of tricks and tips to follow and you will be on your way to make a great fitted face mask :). Check it out here!

fitted face mask
Christmas face mask

Organic Face Masks

As time goes on and the pandemic continues I have been thinking about using other techniques such as natural dyeing and tie dyeing.

I strongly believe that if we feel beautiful while wearing our masks and we can wear masks that match our personalities then we will be more inclined to wear them happily. In an attempt to make the user super happy I started thinking of naturally dyeing the inside layers of the masks with Eucalyptus.

I love the smell of Eucalyptus leaves and a good eucalyptus steam bath is my go to remedy whenever I have a cold. I had a great time dyeing my cotton with eucalyptus and I hope you try it as well!

organic face masks

To make an organic fabric face mask as illustrated on the image above follow these instructions:

What is an organic face mask?

A 100% organic face mask is a face mask which has been made using 100% organic materials such cotton; and it has been naturally dyed using chemical free dyes. I have adapted my super popular fabric face mask pattern and have created a tie dyed face mask. This face mask has been tied dyed using cochineal on the outside and the inside layer has been naturally dyed with eucalyptus leaves. All the processes and materials are natural and 100 % organic 🙂

Sewing your own fabric face mask

I hope these easy and quick face masks tutorials are all you need to stay safe and well as we go through these strange times that we are in. Please reach out with any questions that you may have and I will be sure to help you out ?

Happy sewing!

You may be interested in these face masks accessories to get started with making your own face masks now!

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DIY face mask using natural dyes

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