DIY Purse (FREE Pattern)

Hi Creative Mamas! I am so excited to share with you how to make a DIY purse using eco printed fabric.

This silk fabric has been eco printed using a color blanket with cochineal dye. Eco printing is a beautiful and very rewarding natural dyeing process that has many layers to it.

finished diy purse using eco printed fabric and vintage buttons

For this tutorial I will be using a fabric piece that was created as part of the Eco Printing on Fabric Course.

a variety of eco printing silk samples

You can also download the DIY Purse FREE PATTERN (available in my FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY— get the password for free by filling out the form below)

Purse fabulous ideas

This purse was created with the idea of multifunction in mind. I wanted to make a purse that could have several uses depending on the time of day, the occasion and the need.

It can be used as a:

  • tote bag
  • diaper bag
  • tote bag
  • messenger bag
  • clutch
  • envelope bag

It’s the perfect size to use as any of the above mentioned bags 🙂

different ways of using the same diy purse.

Purse tutorial

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Materials & equipment

  • Eco printed fabric or any kind of printed fabric you love
  • White canvas fabric (for bag and facings)
  • Buttons
  • Tape or yarn for closures and handles
  • Sewing machine

Quilting the eco printed fabric

Download your FREE Pattern and gather your fabrics.

Cut 2 pieces of canvas fabric for the back and front of the bag.

Cut one piece of the eco printed fabric (or any other kind or printed fabric)

quilting the eco printed fabric to make a purse with it

Place the printed fabric on top of one layer of the canvas fabric and quilt it by sewing straight lines with your sewing machine.

turning the quilted fabric into a purse

This will create another layer of texture to your already printed fabric.

close of of the quilted printed fabric using a color blanket in eco printing

Sewing the purse

Place the stitched layers on top of the other canvas piece (back of the bag) and stitch around the side seams and the bottom.

Make sure to leave the top of the bag open.

placing the top and the bottom of the bag layers together in order to sew them

You can neaten the raw edges by sewing a zig zag stitch or by overlocking/serging around the seams.

Turn the envelope inside out.

the purse half finished

At this stage you should have a nice fabric rectangle. It’s time to add the facings.

the quilted eco printed purse being sewn.

Cut the facings. You can use one piece of fabric or sew 2 or 3 pieces together.

adding the facings to the purse

Pin the facings to the top edge of the purse.

Make sure you start by folding the facing edge in itself so that the facing doesnt show a raw edge 🙂

Pin all around and sew using the sewing machine.

sewing the facings onto the purse

This is how it will look at this stage of the process.

pressing the facings onto the purse

Pull the facings away from the purse and make sure that the seams inside are all tucked under the facing sode.

Sew a edge stitch so that all the seams are sewn towards the facing.

sewing an edge stitch

This will create a nice finish and the facing won’t roll towards the outside of the purse.

Fold the facing edges making sure to measure as you go along.

Pin in place.

Stitch the facing in place. You will be stitching through all the layers and this will add another layer of quilting to the outside :).

Adding the purse handles

I have done this in 2 different ways by getting creative with some vintage buttons.

First choose your buttons, you will need 2 or 3 in each side of the bag.

adding vintage buttons to the diy purse

Sew the buttons in place. You can check out how to sew a button the easy way here.

sewing a vintage button to the handbag

Make sure the buttons are secured.

Using cotton tape, roll the tape around the buttons and make a knot. This will create the handles as shown in photo.

finished handbag

The other option is to grab a piece of tape or yarn and close the bag by rolling the yarn around the buttons.

This is a nice thing to do if you are using the bag as an envelope bag, a clutch or a diaper bag.

finished clutch bag

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There are too many purses out there so making your own unique handbags is an awesome idea!

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing your bag tutorials. I will have a go at making them. I love making & being creative. I like making bags.


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