How to make fabric Easter eggs {Great kids craft}

Hi Creative Mamas! I want to share with you a a great way to decorate your house for Easter by making fabric Easter eggs. This project is great for kids because there is no sewing involved.

How to color fabric Easter eggs?

I love coloring my own fabrics and yarns in order to create unique colors and crafts. However dyeing Easter eggs naturally using natural dyes has proven a little bit of a hit and miss exercise. So I have come up with another sustainable way to decorate our homes for Easter.

Using fabric scraps to decorate Easter eggs is super affordable and a great way to use all the left over fabric that we normally have after a creative sewing project (quilting, sewing, embroidery etc)

In this tutorial I will show you a quick and easy way to color polystyrene eggs using fabric scraps so that you can have a fab crafty afternoon with the kids and you can produce beautiful colorful Easter eggs to give away and decorate your Easter table.

Making Easter eggs with fabric scraps tutorial

Lets get right into the tutorial. You can make these fun decorative eggs with kids of all ages!

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Materials and Equipment

Step 1: Fabric covered Easter eggs

Gather all your materials. Choose nice printed fabrics that you and the kids love. You can also use a combination of solid color fabric and prints.

polystyrene easter eggs decoration with fabric scraps

Step 2

Using good quality fabric scissors, cut the fabric into little pieces. If your kids are under 8 you may want to cut the fabric yourself beforehand 🙂

Place the cut fabric scraps on your working surface. I chose to work on my kitchen bench so that the glue doesn’t spoil my wooden crafting table.

cutting fabric scraps to decorate easter eggs using fabric

Step 3: Video tutorial – Fabric covered Easter eggs

Follow the steps shown in this video tutorial

Fabric covered Easter Eggs

I hope you have enjoyed this fun kids craft idea! Happy fabric scarp Easter crafting!

decorated easter eggs using fabric scraps

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