Top storage ideas to keep face masks organized

Hi Creative Mamas! So you have made these really cool face masks and now they are all over the house! How can you organize them neatly so that your whole family knows where to go and get their clean face mask for the day? In this post I will show you my best storage ideas to keep face masks organized.

Storage ideas to keep face masks organized

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I will start by sharing some crafty solutions that I am using at home and that have been working really well for my family. I will also share some really cool storage solutions that you can easily buy online which I have bought myself and they have been a good buy, especially for my older boys who are not into the crafty look 🙂

Face mask holders and storage ideas to make

The following ideas are crafty storage solutions to use around the house.

A face mask holder for a girl’s room

The first storage idea that I want to share with you is the one that seems to be working the best with my youngest daughter. We made a hair clip holder using fabric applique and quilting techniques which has been a great solution to keep all her hair clips organized.

We have been using this hair clip holder as a face mask holder and the best thing is that it looks beautiful as well on her wall.

Check out how to make the face mask in the photo

hair clip holder to organize and store face masks

A face mask holder for the laundry area

These other hair clip holders are a great option for smaller spaces. You can hang them by the family room area, by the front door or in the laundry because they are long and skinny.

I created this particular hair clip holder for a tutorial for my regular column in the Bernina Blog. It was made using an old repurposed napkin and old fabric scraps.

hair clip holder to organize and store face masks

Check out how to make the face mask in this photo

Cork board face mask holder for kids rooms

This is another great idea that has worked fantastically well for us. This is my daughter’s cork board and she loves re organizing her face masks in it whenever she is bored. You can get a contrast board like the one in the photo or a completely white cork board.

The great thing about both this cork board and the fabric hair clip holder is that she likes the way the look and she spends time playing with the masks. This means she is more keen to wear them 🙂

face mask holder in a cork board

If you like the pom pom paper mache letter you can read the full tutorial here.

Pom pom face masks holder

This is probably my favorite way to store my face masks. Make a pom pom garland by making 5 or 6 pom poms and attaching them to a thick yarn thread and hook them on the wall with pins or small nails.

You can tie the mask ties or link the mask’s elastics through the garland. I love the color combinations of the masks and the pom poms.

pom pom face masks holder

Hessian bags face mask holder to give away

I have used decorated hessian bags to store a few face masks anytime that i have made face masks as a present for someone special.

In the photo below you can see a little hessian bag which i decorated with a sequenced star that I cut from an old t shirt. I placed it on one side of the hessian bag using a blanket stitch. Super easy! Fill the bag and give it away!

You can also embroider or applique your kid’s initials on the bag and store the face masks in it. One bag for each child! You can use show string bags or little tote bags.

face mask storage

Face masks holders and storage ideas to buy

Having extra face masks in the car is a must lately. You never know when will you need one so here are some great products that will help you keep the face masks dry and secure. Also getting kids to have a few extras face masks when they leave home is great and puts your mind at rest!

Face mask container for your handbag

These personal face mask storage container and organizer is great to keep masks safe and secure while you are on the go. You can carry some extras in the purse and in the car.

Silicone face mask storage case

This silicone case is great to carry a few face masks when going out. Specially great for kids to take their masks to school because it will protect them from getting wet and dirty in their backpacks. Since its made of silicone it’s ideal for kids because it’s kind of hard to destroy 🙂

See through face mask holder

Another great option to carry your fabric face masks around. You can see through the pouch so it makes it handy to keep a new face mask on the go at all times.

Recyclable mask case

This mask case is made out of recyclable material and is another great solution to hold your fabric face masks or your throw away masks.

I hope these ideas are useful to you and helps you keep the face masks organized and ready for your family to use. Check out all the La Creative Mama face masks tutorials an ideas

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